Business Conditions

Public contract

When working with on-line store TICKETPRO (hereinafter referred to as the Online Store), it’s necessary to comply with the following terms and conditions ("Terms").

Administrator of on-line Store is LLC "Ticketpro" (hereinafter referred to as "Ticketpro"), UNP: 191120757, legal address - 220002, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Masherova ave. 25, office 501; Opening hours: Monday - Friday 09:30 a.m. - 05:00 p.m. Days off: Saturday and Sunday, e-mail:

Ticketpro is not an organizer of any cultural, sporting and any other spectacular event (hereinafter referred to as the event). Ticketpro sells tickets for and on behalf of, and for account of the organizer. Ticketpro shall not be entitled to set a price and terms of the ticket sales, including determination of location of seats at the event, and Ticketpro shall not be entitled to reimburse the cost of any returned ticket, replace, and compensate for destroyed, lost, stolen, damaged and other tickets. Ticketpro shall not offset the cost of booking, the cost of delivery, the cost of an electronic ticket (e -ticket) upon return of the ticket and shall not be responsible for any losses incurred in connection with the event, and specifically it shall not offset the cost of any items lost during the event. The rights and obligations associated with the purchased ticket shall be determined and published by the event organizer, and under any circumstances the Ticketpro shall not be liable for the content, change and execution of such rights and obligations.

Ticketpro shall be entitled at any time to limit the number of tickets purchased by one person, and to bring to a stop a transaction for purchase of such number of tickets which exceeds the permitted number. Volume of a permissible purchase transaction shall be limited by the maximum allowed volume of the cart, formed by the buyer.

The client shall receive the ticket(s), bought in on-line store, after payment of the cost of ticket(s) in accordance with the selected delivery method. The cost of booking shall be paid upon payment of booked tickets.

Booking means a preliminary reservation of a seat at the event (the right to attend an event). The ticket booked shall be paid within 1 day from the moment of ordering. In this case the payment shall be made in accordance with the value set by the organizer of the event at the moment of actual payment of the ticket(s). The client cannot have more than one reservation at a time. Booking shall be stopped 2 working days before the event.

Ticketpro shall not be responsible for any delay in delivery of ticket(s) caused by inaccurate data, instructions given by the user of the online store, actions of any third party, and other circumstances beyond control of Ticketpro. Ticketpro shall be entitled to terminate delivery of a ticket if the client's choice of delivery method is not correct (incorrect address, client is not available) or the amount paid doesn’t correspond to the cost of order. If the ticket is not received by the specified date, the client shall contact Ticketpro within 10 days, sending an appropriate notice to the postal address of Ticketpro at 25 Masherova Ave., Office 501, Minsk 220002, Republic of Belarus, Tel.: +375 29 693-59-35, +375 17 293-42-42, +375 17 293-48-48, Fax: +375 17 293-18-62 or by e–mail:

The ticket shall be stored in a safe place. Direct sunlight and high temperatures may damage the ticket.

If the event is canceled, postponed, or the venue is changed, Ticketpro shall not be obliged to refund the cost of admission ticket returned by the client (paragraphs 13 - 14 of the Regulations on cultural and entertainment events, approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 542 as of 19.10.2010). Admission tickets shall be returned to the event organizer, unless otherwise stipulated.

Ticketpro shall not be responsible for the content, comments, and other data added to the web-site of on-line store by users of the ticket sales system (forum’s users on

References and links to information presented in the Internet from anywhere in the world may be presented on the web-site Since Ticketpro does not control these web-sites and information contained thereon, it shall not be responsible for accuracy and reliability of such information.

Any use of on-line store’s web-site, its content and data for illegal purposes, as well as for the purpose of sale or resale of tickets, for advertisement or any other action to obtain benefits, including mediation upon ticket sales, without prior written consent of Ticketpro shall be prohibited.

The client shall be obliged not to interfere in any way or by any means in operation and technical solutions of the web-site of Ticketpro’s on-line store. Any monitoring (tracking, counting) of on-line store, as well as copying, reproduction, modification, usage or disclosure of the specified data (including the content of the web-site) for any purpose shall be prohibited. Any activity which may overload the system of on-line store and the web-site, or may interfere in functioning of on-line store shall be prohibited.

In case of violation of the terms of use of on-line store, Ticketpro shall have the right to terminate usage of on-line store, and / or terminate a transaction for purchase of the ticket by the said person unilaterally.

 Performing any activity on the web-site of on-line store, the client confirms that:

it is an individual of full age having the right and legal capability to work with on-line store;

it is a legal entity whose representative has all rights to work with on-line store on behalf of the specified legal entity;

it duly fulfills all conditions of work with on-line store;

it is aware that in case of disclosure of the user’s name or password, given to it to visit and work with on-line store, to the third parties, the client is responsible for fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by the third parties upon use of its name and password.

Except for the user’s name and password, Ticketpro does not check the user's identity. The client shall confirm that the data provided by it to Ticketpro are given voluntarily and with the consent of the client. The client shall give its consent to the processing of its personal data, given by it to Ticketpro (name, address, phone, email, username, password, etc.).

Ticketpro reserves the right, consistent with the event organizer, to collect from the client a service fee on its own behalf. Within the framework of one event the cost of the service fee shall be the same for all clients.

Neither Ticketpro nor the organizer shall check whether the person presenting the ticket is the person who has purchased that ticket, and shall be responsible for any damage caused thereby. When visiting the events on the basis of ticket printed by the client, the latter shall be considered as incomer upon the first presentation and (or) scanning of the ticket by the organizer. Tickets with identical bar code shall be legally significant neither for Ticketpro nor for the organizer. Ticketpro shall have the right to change the terms of work with on-line store by publishing the relevant information in news section on the web-site Changes shall come into effect after their publication on the web-site of on-line store.

Ticketpro shall not be responsible for authenticity and identification of tickets purchased in unauthorized places (not in retail outlets of Ticketpro and not on the web-site

All claims regarding the event, related to the performance, content, quality, advertisement, etc., shall be presented to the event organizer.

Disputes regarding these terms shall be subject to consideration in the court of the Central district of Minsk or in the Economic Court of Minsk (if the client is a legal entity) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The client shall save its username and password, given to it for work with on-line store, in such way so that they do not fall into hands of any third party, except for the case when the client authorizes such third party to represent it when operating on-line store.

The client shall be obliged to inform Ticketpro immediately about all data and circumstances which have changed in comparison with those which have been given by it upon registration in on-line store.

The client shall give its consent to receive from Ticketpro any information messages sent to the e-mail specified upon registration.

When selling the ticket, Ticketpro as well as its Partners shall be entitled to provide additional paid services to the clients by themselves. Amounts received for the additional services rendered to the clients by Ticketpro and its Partners shall be considered as own income of Ticketpro and its Partners.

By purchasing a ticket on the web-site, the client agrees to automatic mailing of e-mails of advertising nature to the e-mail and phone number, indicated upon registration.

Privacy Policy for Facebook authorization

Privacy policy

In handling the personal data, we undertake to be bound by relevant law.

Personal Data Protection

Ticketpro LTD (Republic of Belarus) hereby represents and warrants that all personal data is considered private and confidential and as such is handled in compliance with the relevant law and the Business Terms and Conditions of Ticketpro LTD.

What data is collected?

In order to complete a business transaction with you, we need at least to obtain your first name, last name and e-mail address. Additionally, for specific transaction (e.g. postal delivery order) we may need you to provide us more information, such as postal address, invoice address, telephone number, etc.

How is the data used?

We will use your information solely to process your order, inform you about the status of your order or inform you about changes that relate to you order. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request, e.g. to ship an order.

How can I handle my data?

All information you provided us can be found in you Ticketpro account management. Once logged-on, you can delete ormodify information you have provided us or even cancel your account. However please bear in mind that we keep a record of all business transactions you have realized so far, which includes all details that you have provided within these transactions.

Except for the user’s name and password, Ticketpro does not check the user's identity. The client shall confirm that the data provided by it to Ticketpro are given voluntarily and with the consent of the client. The client shall give its consent to the processing of its personal data, given by it to Ticketpro (name, address, phone, email, username, password, etc.).